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Master's program in Philology: Modern Languages and International Business Communication Language of instruction: English

Modern Languages and International Business Communication

Mission: to train, within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, specialists in the field of communication and multilingualism with solid knowledge in the field of economic sciences (international business and international affairs). More information here.


To develop participants' knowledge and skills in: professional business communication in several foreign languages;
• multilingualism and multiculturalism and international economic relations;
• cultural and linguistic mediation, assistance in negotiations, translation and interpretation in international economic and diplomatic contexts;
• strategic thinking in decision-making regarding the organisation and promotion of successful businesses;
• advanced scientific research.

Aimed at

Bachelor's graduates in Applied Modern Languages, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Communication Studies, as well as Business and Economics, who wish to deepen their knowledge of and practice in international business communication, foreign languages and international relations.

Academic staff members

Courses and seminars are facilitated by an interdisciplinary team of experienced academics from ASE's Faculty of International Business and Economics - Department of Modern Languages and Business Communication and Department of International Business and Economics.

Admission 2024

  • 25 students exempt of tuition studies + 35 tuition paying students = 60 students
  • English language test/Certificate + Specialised test in English 40% + Bachelor's graduation exam 60%
  • Bibliografia pentru testul de specialitate în limba engleză se regăsește în Anexa 3 din Metodologia de admitere la masterat 2024

Courses and seminars

Courses in English on Multilingual and corporate communication, Culture and civilisation, Translation and interpreting, International relations, Economic and cultural diplomacy; courses in specialised languages - English (obligatory), and elective courses in specialised languages - either French or German


First year of studies

Specialised languages - English

Specialised languages - French or German

International Relations in the Digital Economy

Culture and Civilisation in International Relations

Online Business Communication

Organisational Culture and Communication

Second year of studies

Translation Theory and Practice

Economic and Cultural Diplomacy

Interpreting Theory and Practice

Academic Ethics and Integrity

Scientific seminar



Job opportunities

• Interpreter for Diplomatic relations;
• Translators, Interpreters and other Language specialists: Terminologist, Terminology manager, Linguistic reviewer etc.;
• Public Relations Specialists, Mediators, Protocol and ceremonial specialist, Events organiser, Foreign relations expert etc.;
• Journalists and other media specialists: content writer, news editor etc.

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